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Sekolah Tinggi Wadi Sofia

Sekolah Rendah Wadi Sofia
Sekolah Tinggi Wadi Sofia


Primary (KBSR) leading to UPSR
Secondary (KBSM) leading to PMR & SPM


Kota Bharu, Kelantan, MALAYSIA


Malaysia values education highly, and spends a quarter of its budget each year on education and training. It guarantees every child 11 years of schooling, and it is also striving to ensure that more than 35% of secondary school graduates are able to pursue tertiary education. Malaysia regards a comprehensive development of its human capital will underpin its ambition to be a developed nation by 2020.

Owing to the new world reality brought about by rapid globalization and the exponential growth of English-based knowledge in the recent time, the Malaysian education system has undergone fundamental reforms, which see English gaining more and more importance and legitimacy as the language of instruction and learning of all educational institutions particularly in the fields of science, technology, commerce and industry as well as diplomacy and international relations. English language has now become the cornerstone of Malaysia’s quest for the kind of human capital which is regarded as the harbinger of Malaysia’s next phase of transformation into a knowledge economy. Unofficially Malaysia is a bilingual country, where English and Malay co-exist like inseparable twins. There is now a deliberate effort to internationalize Malaysian education with the view of making Malaysia the centre of educational excellence and tourism.

Sekolah Rendah Wadi Sofia (SRWaS) and Sekolah Tinggi Wadi Sofia (STWaS) are primary and secondary schools, which offer schooling programmes from Year 1 through Form 6 using the Ministry of Education integrated curricula, namely, KBSR (primary) and KBSM (secondary).

The medium of instruction for primary and secondary levels is English and Malay; all Mathematics and Science subjects are in English whilst all other subjects are in Malay.

The system of schooling at Wadi Sofia is modeled on the elite residential schools in Malaysia, which emphasize holistic education and learning encompassing a balanced development of the students physically and mentally. Overseas students especially from Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia are accepted into these schools with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Educational Opportunities at Tertiary Level in Malaysia

Students who successfully complete the Malaysian international secondary and pre-university school with good results may further their studies in Malaysia at 20 public and 32 private colleges and universities. Malaysian private colleges and universities conduct locally accredited courses and franchise programmes of major American, British and Australian universities in varied fields such as humanities, business, medicine, science and technology. Several British and Australian universities have full-fledged branch campuses in Malaysia. At present, international students enrolled in these institutions are nearing 100,000. The number is growing rapidly. WaSIS provides counseling services for students wanting to seek higher education.

Sekolah Tinggi Wadi Sofia

Binjai, Kubang Kerian
16150, Kota Bharu
Tel: 09-764 1724/765 8696
Fax: 609-764 1187

  • Secondary Education (Form 1 - 5). It prepares student to take PMR and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)


    : Secondary Upper
    : Ministry of Education, Malaysia
    : Secondary Education
    : Open Entry (subject to internal assessment)
    : 5 Yrs
    : 8800 per year
    : Malaysian Curriculum
    : Full Time
    : Yes

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