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Mutiara International Grammar School

Mutiara International Grammar School

MAGARITA ORIENTARIS, which means "Pearl Of The East;


The Mutiara International Grammar School (MIGS) was set up with the realisation that there was a need for an international school based on the British System.

The founders are committed in establishing an independent school that is dedicated to Academic excellence and to promote international harmony and understanding which is in line with Malaysian values.

The School's Objectives

The school seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To provide an excellent academic education for children at both junior and secondary level.
  • To provide better opportunities for the children of expatriates to gain an internationally recognised education based on the British education system.
  • To achieve the objective of Vision 2020 of making Malaysia theregional center for education excellence.

The Curriculum

MIGS is an English language medium school which follows a British style curriculum leading to the University Of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Strong emphasis is placed on the teaching of English, Science and ICT. In addition, the school emphasises on improving students' written and spoken English language.

To attain the standards required, each student is assessed and evaluated on a regular basis and parents are informed of their child's progress. Furthermore, the school conducts internal examinations each term in order to monitor each level of students development and progress.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school believes that a child's potential ought to be nurtured in a variety of areas. In this respect MIGS offers a full range of extra-curricular activities in both sporting and social arenas. These include sports such as swimming, Tae Kwan Do, golf, tennis, soccer, touch rugby, athletics and basketball and clubs such as ballet, drama, creative writing, multimedia,music, science, board games, arts and crafts, current affairs, science,cheer leading, Islamic studies, journalism and debate.


There are many facilities in the school for the students. The following are some examples of the facilities available:

  • Hall, to facilitate school assemblies, gymnastics and examinations.
  • Gymnasium fully-equipped with modern facilities.
  • Three well-equipped science laboratories for biology, physics and chemistry.
  • Dining Facilities to cater for all students during breaks.
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Library
  • Art Rooms (Junior &; Senior)
  • Bookshop
  • Resource Room
  • School Field

Counselling on all aspects of school life is available to both studentsand parents to ensure that MIGS provides the best environment for the students to achieve the level of attainment and goals expected.

In line with MIGS policy of openness and free information, any parent is most welcome to visit the school to obtain their "first-hand" impression of the merits of sending their children to MIGS.

Age Group And Allocation Of Class/Level
Class/Level Age Group Class/Level Age Group
Kindergarten 3 Year 6 10
Reception 4 Year 7 11
Year 1 5 Year 8 12
Year 2 6 Year 9 13
Year 3 7 Year 10 14
Year 4 8 Year 11 15
Year 5 9 Year 12 16

Allocation of class/level is based on the results of the placement test conducted.

Admission Procedures

  • Required to sit for a placement test comprising English, Maths & Science papers.
  • The marks achieved should exceed 70% and above for all subjects before a child is accepted.
  • An interview will be held with the principal/ head of curriculum/head of junior school.
  • Upon acceptance, the registration takes place and documents required are as follows:
    • Copies of student's and parents' passport
    • Copy of student's birth certificate
    • Copy of parents' marriage certificate
    • Copies of previous school records and leaving certificate
    • Copies of malaysian passport size photograph of the child
    • Completed registration form
    • Signed copy of the fee structure form

(All the above documents must be translated in English and endorsed by the Respective embassies if necessary)

Mutiara International Grammar School

Lot 707, Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama
Ampang Jaya
68000, Ampang
Tel: 603-4252 1452 / 4257 8678
Fax: 03-4252 3452

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    : Primary Lower
    : British Curriculum
    : Full Time

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    : Full Time

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