School Profile

Australian International School Malaysia


Established in 2000, the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) was founded by Principal Peter Moxham. AISM began its days as a small school situated at Country Heights. In 2003, the school moved to its purpose built premises at the Mines Resort City in Seri Kembangan and currently has a population of around 600 students from Preparation to Year 12 matriculation. AISM celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010, and continues to provide quality Australian education in Malaysia.

School's Mission & Vision & Aims

Our Purpose
To educate the youth of the world to take their productive places as leaders in the global community

Our Mission
AISM will strive to provide each individual with an excellent Australian style of education in a global context

Our Vision
Our school sees each student as an individual with different abilities and different needs. For this reason there is an emphasis on work differentiation within classes so that the specific needs of each student can be addressed in a way that allows individual success, whilst maintaining the cohesion of the class and ensuring that all the basic skills and concepts are mastered by all students to the best of their ability. This process allows enrichment for those who can work ahead of the class and assistance for those who may find some aspects of the work challenging.

Through our academic curriculum, community events, co-curricular activities and such programmes, we aim to motivate our students to achieve success in its many forms. All students are expected to become responsible citizens, with strong core values and community spirit, ready to explore the world beyond AISM, as this should be the arena for even greater success.

School's Achievement

In 2012, AISM made it to the top 200 schools in New South Wales. There are over 800 secondary schools in New South Wales, and therefore AISM is in the top 25% based on this measure. In the same year, Claire Willemse, a Year 6 student won the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Gold Medal for the Science competition and was recognised as the top student in Malaysia with the award.

In 2013, AISM was hugely successful in the Language Perfect World Championships, coming 36th out of 1054 schools.

AISM students have gained entry in top universities in Australia and throughout the world. Recently an AISM student was accepted to the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom.

Programme Outline & Curriculum

AISM is registered and accredited to deliver the Australian, New South Wales Board of Studies curriculum. Delivered by Australian teachers, the curriculum is taught in English and offers a seamless transition into education pathways in Australia. The credentials awarded by the Board of Studies are also recognised internationally and offer articulation into institutions in other countries. The new Australian national curriculum places priority on preparing students to engage with Asia and to succeed in the Asian century.

We offer the Higher School Certificate (HSC) at the end of Year 12 (age 18). The Year 12 qualification is used for university entry worldwide.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities offered at AISM are :

  • Sports (such as basketball, soccer, cricket, badminton, rugby, volleyball, softball, netball, touch football, swimming, ten pin bowling, rock climbing, yoga, tennis)
  • Duathlon, triathlon and athletics
  • Martial arts
  • Visual art & craft (jewellery making, rag work and weaving, batik painting, scrap booking, creative design, mosaic art, clay, Krakelee painting, glass painting, oil painting, video game design & photoshop workshop)
  • Performing arts (choir, beginner band, instrumental academy, productions, dance)
  • Mechantronix engineering
  • Mad Science
  • Programmes (World Scholar's Cup, Model United Nations, KL Novel Knockout)
  • Others (verse / poetry speaking, cooking. board games, yearbook)

School Facilities & Academic / Learning Resources

The Australian International School Malaysia is adjacent to a 21 hectare lake and is surrounded by lush greenery. The new facilities include :

  • A Junior School Complex with open and modern teaching spaces
  • A l ibrary w ith r eading a reas s uitable f or d ifferent a ge g roups e quipped w ith l atest technologies such as smartboards and LCD screens, a mini-amphitheatre and power learning areas which facilitate collaborative and flexible approaches to teaching and learning
  • E nhanced performing arts facilities, namely new purpose designed rooms for dance, drama and music (including band, orchestra and instrument practice rooms) and even a Black Box Theatre.
  • A Science and Technology Centre, as a hub for innovation and scientific exploration
  • A newly upgraded auditorium that accommodates an audience of 900

Other facilities available at the school include :

  • Classrooms equipped with smart boards and mobile ICT resources such as iPads, Netbooks and laptops
  • Fully-equipped gymnasium (with weight training equipment)
  • sports hall, basketball court, school field, play grounds
  • 25-metre swimming pool
  • Music practice rooms
  • Visual arts rooms
  • Science laboratories
  • Computer labs
  • Darkroom or photo lab
  • Newly renovated cafeteria
  • Boarding facilities
  • Learning Support Centres for different age groups
  • Auditorium equipped with audio visual systems

Entry Requirements & Selection Criteria

All AISM students are required to achieve an age appropriate grade on the online test for literacy and numeracy skills in English. Students from a non-native English speaking background who demonstrate capability to improve their English and to engage with the curriculum through additional testing will be accepted. In such cases, the students are required to undertake additional English Language support and this additional cost is to be borne by parent.

Upon submission of the application and availability of place, all applicants except Preparation and Kindergarten students will be scheduled for an entrance assessment which consists of literacy and numeracy tests.

Applicants from Year 3 onwards can undertake the online entrance testing at AISM or if preferred at their home country under appropriate supervision. Also, applicants will be interviewed by the respective Head of School. Either one or both parents or guardians are required to be present during the interview.

Enrolment is subject to the availability of places in the requested year group and satisfactory results in the entrance assessment. Enrolment is open to all nationalities.

Expatriate Parents
Parents must show evidence of work permit approval or a relevant and valid visa granted by Malaysian Immigration.

Malaysian Students
Approval from the local Ministry of Education (MOE) prior to starting school is no longer necessary. However, Malaysian students are still required to study Malaysian Studies in compliance with the Ministry of Education's requirements.

Australian International School Malaysia

No. 22, Jalan Anggerik
The Mines Resort City
43300, Seri Kembangan
43300, Selangor
Tel: 603-8949 5000
Fax: 603-8949 5100

  • Pre School : Prep class - either 3 days a week or 5 days a week


    : Nursery/Pre-school
    : Australian curriculum - NSW
    : Primary, Secondary Education
    : Entrance Assessment & Interview
    : 1 Yr (2 sem / 4 terms)
    : 3936 per term (3 days a week); 6560 (5 days a week) (4 terms per year)
    : Australian Curriculum: New South Wales (NSW)
    : Full Time
    : Yes

  • Junior School : Foundation (Kindergarten) & Years 1 - 5


    : Primary Lower
    : Australian curriculum - NSW
    : Primary Education
    : Entrance Assessment & Interview
    : 6 Yrs
    : Foundation: 7683 per term ; Year 1-5: From 8032 to 9962 per term (4 terms per year)
    : Australian Curriculum: New South Wales (NSW)
    : Full Time
    : Yes

  • Middle School : Years 6 - 8


    : Secondary Lower
    : Students study the New South Wales (Second half of stages 3 and 4)
    : Secondary Education
    : Entrance Assessment & Interview
    : 3 Yrs
    : From 10479 to 11912 per term (4 terms per year)
    : Australian Curriculum: New South Wales (NSW)
    : Full Time
    : Yes

  • Senior School : Year 9 and 10


    : Secondary Upper
    : Senior School involves Year 9 to 12. Students sit for Higher School Certificate at the end of Year 12
    : Secondary Education
    : Entrance Assessment & Interview
    : 2 Yrs
    : Year 9: 13033 per term; Year 10: 13492 per term (4 terms per year)
    : Australian Curriculum: New South Wales (NSW)
    : Full Time
    : Yes

  • Senior School (Higher School Certificate) : Year 11 and 12


    : AUSMAT/SAM/CPU/HSC/NSW/IB/American High School Diploma/IB Diploma
    : Years 11 and 12 students will study for Higher School Certificate (HSC). This credential articulates smoothly into the Australian Tertiary entrance system and is Internationally recognised in the top universities in the world
    : Post-Secondary Programme (A-level / Pre-Universities)
    : Entrance Assessment & Interview
    : 2 Yrs
    : Year 11: 14448 per term (4 terms per year); Year 12: 19264 per term (paid over 3 terms)
    : Australian Curriculum: New South Wales (NSW)
    : Full Time
    : Yes