Y. Bhg. Datuk Hassan Harun
Principal & Founder
Wadi Sofia College Pte. Ltd.

Wadi Sofia College is founded by Datuk Hassan Harun, a self-made man with a flair for entrepreneurship and a firm believer of lifelong learning. His experiences and contributions in education, business, politics and management began in 1964 when at the age of 18, after finishing his secondary education, he became a substitute English teacher briefly at Kelantan English School, a private institution. This was when he first discovered his natural inclination for teaching and leading.

Subsequently, he continued to teach and founded several educational institutions. By the age of 23, he started his first entrepreneurial venture by helping to establish Institut Pendidikan Kelantan (1968), followed by Kumpulan Maktab-maktab Adabi, and Kumpulan Adabi Sdn. Bhd. (1970), a chain of private secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia. In 1986, he established Adabi Institute of Higher Education and initiated the first twinning program in Malaysia in collaboration with Universitas Nasional Indonesia. The "ADABI" brand has now been transformed and become synonymous with the popular brand of consumer products (spices, instant noodle, sauces, etc.) that can be found readily in retail stores and supermarkets all over Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Datuk Hassan continued his passion for educational undertakings with the founding of Akademi Kenali (1973). Apart from that, while as CEO of KUB, Datuk Hassan also founded and chaired the Institute Teknologi Tun Abdul Razak (ITTAR) (1991) as well as Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR) (1998), which was the first on-line university anywhere.

The number of students who have benefited from his educational initiatives over the years is in the thousands. Upon his retirement from public life, and as Chairman/CEO of KUB Malaysia Bhd., he founded Wadi Sofia group of schools comprising Wadi Sofia International School (WaSIS), Sekolah Tinggi Wadi Sofia (STWaS),Sekolah Rendah Wadi Sofia (SRWaS), Wadi Sofia Kindergarten (WaSKid), and Wadi Sofia Centre of Languages (WaSCoL).

Apart from his extensive involvement in education, Datuk Hassan is also widely known in the corporate world. He was responsible for the turnaround of a cooperative, Koperasi Usaha Bersatu Malaysia and successfully converted it into a public company, renamed KUB Malaysia Berhad. It was the first cooperative to be transformed into a corporation and listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

As a political activist, he rose to become a member of the UMNO Supreme Council for 11 years, and also as a Senator (1988-1991). His other significant appointments were as the Malaysian Representative to Asia-Europe Vision Group (AEVG), a member of Malaysian Bumiputra Entrepreneur Development Council, a member of Malaysian Bumiputra ICT Council, a member of National Economic Consultative Council 2 (all between 1998-2001), and member of the Board of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) (1998-2005).

In recognition of his achievements, he was bestowed with an AMN and the title 'Datuk' (DMSM), Triple 'A' Award (AIM, Manila), the honorary Doctorates in Business Administration, Management, and Education from International Management Centre (IMC) UK, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Skudai) and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNiTAR, Malaysia) respectively.