Dr. Elsie Chin
Cambridge English For Life

Dr. Chin is a moving force in education in the region. As CEO of Cambridge English for Life (CEFL), she is currently helping to chart the course of this significant education provider, as it moves from its Malaysian base to strike out regionally. She is a University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Oral Examiner in Malaysia and is also accredited by Cambridge International Examinations to set and assess IGCSE coursework.

Most of her career has been spent in the field of education - as a teacher, an examiner and an administrator. In each of these fields she has brought her enthusiasm, drive and love of teaching to bear with telling effect. As a government school teacher, she has helped to break the mould of the traditional classroom practitioner with the introduction of creative and needful classroom activities. As an examiner, she has employed her qualifications and experience to bring educational rigour both to the development and the administration of examinations; and as an administrator, she has brought her creativity to the field of curriculum design and teacher training. She has now tutored 12 cohorts of candidates through the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers programme conducted by CEFL.

After three years in the corporate sector where she made her mark as a Corporate Communications practitioner, she has now brought all her skills to bear the task of developing and marketing a widening variety of educational programmes with Cambridge English for Life.

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