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Ministry sets up roadshow to create awareness of early education for kids
Posted: 30 March 2015; Category: National

PARENTS have been urged to send their children to Education Ministry-registered preschools for their children’s early education.

The ministry’s Pre-School Management assistant director Nor Zamani Abdol Hamid said based on the 2014 data, there was still a high number of parents who failed to send their five-year-old kids to a registered kindergarten.

“We hope this programme Jom Daftar will create awareness among the parents on the importance of early childhood education.

“The ministry has set a target of 88% to achieve for preschool enrolment this year through this programme,” said Nor Zamani during the launch of the programme at Queensbay Mall in Penang recently.

She added that the Government would offer incentives to increase the number of preschools or kindergartens under the Government Transformation Programme 2.0.

“For preschools or kindergartens registered with us, they will get RM10,000 or RM20,000 launching grants.

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Source: The Star, 28 March 2015